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Acсretia's Victory! The final of the second round!

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Congratulations to our winners - race Accretia!



General statistics of the 2nd round:

Result of the war: Victory of Accretia [ Full Control ]

Best Guild: LostLegion (Bellato) [ 770 Power Points ]

Best player: RPM (Accretia) [ 69 % of location Control ]

The leader in CP: Tank (Accretia) [ 43.436 Status Points ]

Greatest contribution to defense: Ichthyosaurus (Cora) [410 gain points ]

The greatest contribution to the Siege: BrokenBones (Accretia) [ 181 gain points ]

Time of war: 24 days 17 hours 2 minutes

Captured Bosses: 384

Captured Locations: 44

Maximum level: 55

Player characters of maximum level: 3 ( Tank, RPM, BrokenBones )

Siege conducted: 2


All the HQ have been captured, so we announce the end of the second round and start preparing the third! During training, experience and drop rates are increased, and the server goes into fun mode. In the HQ will soon be spawn the helicopter, which will have all the necessary resources

Rules, the main task and rates for the next round will be announced before the start.

We thank everyone for playing! We are waiting for You again in the battle for the next planet!

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